This trick is based upon a Bert Douglas trick, and it’s suitable for kids as well as for adult shows. Great for comedy parlor or
stage performances.

The magician shows two transparent plastic tumblers, a lemon and two plastic tubes.
He places the tumblers in full view on the table, one aside the other, and introduces the lemon into one of them.
He covers the tumblers with the tubes, announcing that the lemon will jump from one tumbler to the other.

He makes a magical gesture, and looks at the glasses from above the tubes. He seems shocked, and makes the magical
gesture once more… but nothing seems to happen. So, he uncovers the tumbler with the lemon… He looks confused, so he
picks up the lemon, finding that it is only the empty skin. He uncovers the other tumbler and in it is the juice of the lemon.

Finally, he pours the juice into the other tumbler, showing it is actually lemon juice.
You can squeeze much comedy out of this one!

  • You receive 2 plastic tumblers, 2 plastic tubes, the special PVC realistic lemon and gimmick.
  • Perform it completely surrounded
  • Very easy to do
  • Use the fake lemon to perform many other tricks

u$s 20.-