The magician shows a golden frame that he takes out of a bag. It has a very old photograph of Harry Houdini. The photograph is between two glasses and can be freely showed on both sides.

The frame is placed on a stand and covered with the bag.

From a deck, a card is selected, a corner is torn out and the spectator keep it.

The card without the corner is placed inside the deck, and the cards are cut and shuffled.

Now the magician starts showing all the cards in the deck and the broken, chosen card is not there.

But at the end of the deck, Houdini’s photograph appears among the last cards.

The magician removes the bag and the broken card is now into the frame, between the crystals, and it is handed to the spectator to be examined and check that the corner he has, matches the card.

Portrait Transposition allows you to perform many different effects, In fact, it comes with some accessories and varied routines on a video to be downloaded.

Very easy to do. You can perform it surrounded, close up or parlor.

U$S 75.-