The illusionist hands an envelope with a prediction to a spectator to hold it until the end of the routine.

Next, he calls 4 spectators and places a plate with a number on each one (numbers 1 to 4) hanging from their necks.

Then he shows a display that has 5 envelopes and asks the 4 spectators to choose one envelope each, and when they open them they will find a card that can be red or black.

Each spectator visibly holds the card in his hand.

Now the spectator opens the envelope and reads the prediction.

The prediction matches the four colors of the spectator´s cards and mentions that there is an envelope with a red card left on the table, which is immediately verified.

As a finale, the magician turns over the spectators’ numbered plates and behind them are the colors that match his cards.

Very Easy to do!, can be performed at stage, parlor or even a living room. You can change the prediction in the order you want.

It really packs flat and plays very big

You receive all you need:

5 envelopes

4 plastic plates

Envelope for the prediction

Acrylic stand to place the envelopes

A video with detailed explanations to be downloaded.

U$S 55.-